One of Those Maloof Rocking Chairs

Sam Maloof (1916-2009), was a world-renowned designer and maker of American contemporary furniture. Some of his work is in major museums, and his distinct style is comfortable, flowing, and breathtaking. I read on another blog that he never accepted when people called him an artist, but corrected them that he was simply a woodworker.

Sam Maloof working on a rocker.

Sam Maloof

A couple days ago, I saw a Maloof style rocker, and I have put them at the top of my “Wood Project Bucket List.” It’s funny because I’d never thought of rockers being something I’d want to make, until recently. With imminent birth of a grandchild, my interest in cradle and rocker designs has been sparked. Maloof rockers are truly wooden sculptures.

Ambrosia Maple Rocking Chair by WoodInMotion on

Ambrosia maple Rocking Chair by WoodInMotion on


When I first saw one of these flowing, organic rockers it was one of those moments where you are taken aback by the beauty of a fine handmade wooden object. This feeling always reminds me of my first wood project: the first time I turned a bowl. I was 16, and the beautiful symmetry and fluidity of the finished project made me feel so proud.

Sam Maloof style rocker by Bill McFadden on

Rocker by Bill McFadden on

I’ve looked at so many of these rockers today, on, woodworking forums, blogs,, and just google images. I have a strong urge to get my hands on some templates today, as I’m feeling very inspired. This is why I got into woodworking. Functional, aesthetic, amazing projects, and the feeling you get when you see them. (Especially, if you made them with your own two hands.)

Maloof-Style Rocker Picture

Bill McFadden on

“Whatever I’m working on, I get excited. It does not matter whether I have done the same piece many times. I still can’t wait to get out to the shop in the morning.” – Sam Maloof

Maloof-style Rocker Picture

From WoodInMotion on

Maloof’s work has inspired other people’s designs, like these cradles:

Cradle by Scott Morrison of

Cradle by Scott Morrison of

Bassinet by Marrs Woodworking on

Bassinet by Marrs Woodworking on

              Have any of you ever made a rocker or Maloof-inspired project?

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